Crystal Cove Neighborhood Spotlight: Bringing You The Latest Update

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Nestled on a breathtaking conserved land in Newport Beach right off Pacific Coast Highway, Crystal Cove is a master-planned community bordering Crystal Cove State Park on the sunset-facing side of the San Joaquin Hills.

Compared to other areas of Newport Beach, the Crystal Cove neighborhoods are smaller in scale. Still, its stunning ocean views, quiet atmosphere, and luxury homes make it attractive for several homebuyers in SoCal.

Over the years, with various options for recreation, new urban developments, top-notch restaurants, and spectacular ocean views, Crystal Cove has already established itself as one of the region’s most sought-after, exclusive gated communities.

What Makes Crystal Cove So Unique?

What Makes Crystal Cove So Unique?

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The timeless beauty of the affluent Crystal Cove neighborhood sets it apart from the rest of Newport Beach on the coast of California.

The community is set among hills and trees. It features ultramodern pieces of architecture that coexist beautifully with their surroundings due to forward-thinking designs and styles of homes distinguished from Southern France to Northern Italy and Tuscany to Santa Barbara.

Crystal Cove is also renowned for its Historic District, which includes about 3.2 miles of beach that makes for an excellent shoreline hike with engaging tide pools along the way. It is the ideal location for individuals who want luxurious living and wish to stay near home’s comfort while taking in the great outdoors and an excellent piece of history.

Crystal Cove Neighborhoods

Crystal Cove Neighborhoods

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Interested buyers considering moving to Newport Beach can choose from several Crystal Cove Subdivisions, each offering distinct charm and amenities for comfortable and luxurious living.

Some of the Recent Developments in Crystal Cove Real Estate

Some of the Recent Developments in Crystal Cove Real Estate

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Real estate in Crystal Cove has eight home collections spread across 620 acres of the Newport Coast hillside and range from high on the ridge down to PCH. Most properties in Crystal Cove are single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments with a selling price starting in the mid $2 million and an average price per square foot of $1,200.

Homes in the neighborhood are luxurious, with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall living spaces. The square footage can be about 3,889 to 15,500 square feet, with three or more levels.

There are also Crystal Cove townhomes ready for renting, with a rental rate of $3,600 to $21,000 per month. These townhomes provide internal living space of 1,000 to 2,474 square feet, with 2 to 4 beds and 1 to 3 bathrooms.

Crystal Cove houses are praised for their detailed design, heirloom-caliber classical California coastal design, and European-inspired architecture. Single-family homes have 1 to 2 garages, central air conditioning, fireplaces, high ceilings, and many more amenities.

In addition, luxurious single-family homes feature custom-made chandeliers and state-of-the-art movie rooms that allow families to live comfortably and in style. The gates are guarded in Crystal Cove, making residents feel safe and at ease in their homes.

Lifestyle in Crystal Cove

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Living in Orange County, particularly in the sought-after neighborhood of Crystal Cove, is like paradise. However, paradise also comes at a price, so expect a high cost of living. The culture and lifestyles of residents in Crystal Cove are mainly centered around outdoor activities and the aesthetically pleasing scenery of the beach and parks.

Moreover, Crystal Cove does have a significant family element, with more than half of its homes occupied by families (55%) and more than a third inhabited by those with children (38%). Most residents are younger, with more than 65% in the sub-50 age range.

Crime rates are well below the national average in every category, making this one of the safest spots in the county.

Crystal Cove Amenities

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Recreational attractions surround the stunning hamlet of Crystal Cove. The Crystal Cove neighborhood sits miles from Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, so residents can enjoy its beauty and offers anytime they want.

Locals can walk to Crystal Cove State Park and Beach – one of California’s best seaside locations to surf, lounge, and explore. The park comprises 3.2 miles of flawless shoreline, mountain biking routes, hiking pathways, and horseback riding trails.

Residents enjoy retail therapy at the Crystal Cove Shopping Center, located only 200 yards from the beach on PCH. The shopping center houses roughly 30 Crystal Cove shops, restaurants, and markets with everything to suit your needs, including Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Pier-1 Imports, Bellagio Spa and Salon, and Williams Sonoma.

Local favorites like Javier’s, Bluefin Restaurant, and Mastro’s Ocean Club serve fine cuisine and attract some of the most attractive crowds around the southland.

For anyone considering Crystal Cove as a new place to call home, you can find it approximately 48.7 miles in the city’s southern region. Here are some Crystal Cove directions you can use to get around the neighborhood.

The community is accessible mainly by Newport Coast Drive, located on the western segment of Crystal Cove. From there, you can use State Route 1 to reach nearby recreational sites near the community, including El Moro Canyon Trail on the southeast, Crystal Cove State Park on the north, Reef Point on the east, and Little Treasure Cove on the west.

What's New in the Crystal Cove Neighborhood?

What's New in the Crystal Cove Neighborhood?

Within the communities of Crystal Cove, some of the new finest custom-built estates offer unobstructed ocean views and access to the community’s luxe amenities. In 2021, Crystal Cove Conservancy started improving and maintaining the property of 45 seaside cottages constructed between the 1920s and 1940s.

Once complete, Crystal Cove will add 22 additional overnight rental units doubling, providing twice as many people the opportunity to stay in a restored historic beach cottage in the heart of one of the most iconic places along the coast of California.

Ready for dining and a glass of wine? A Crystal Cove has come to town! The modern American restaurant features an exceptional bar program and a “greatest hits’ menu of popular dishes from sister restaurants CdM Restaurant and A Restaurant.

Crystal Cove Events You Should Look Forward To

Crystal Cove Events You Should Look Forward To

The annual holiday tradition is held on the first Saturday in December, with Santa arriving via a lifeguard vehicle to greet the crowd. After Thanksgiving, Crystal Cove is transformed into a holiday wonderland with vintage ornaments, twinkling lights, and a beautiful, majestic tree on the beach.

Stewardship Saturday is a free volunteer opportunity that strives to bring locals with the illustrious natural history and charm of Crystal Cove State Park through stewardship actions.

A non-profit Cooperating Association partner with Crystal Cove State Park dedicated to education, conservation, and restoration.


Crystal Cove Neighborhood

Crystal Cove provides a paradise-like setting with stunning ocean views, a quiet atmosphere, and luxury homes known for detailed design and architecture for an upscale living experience.

The neighborhood also offers stunning subdivisions, each offering unique charms, but one thing is for sure, residents always enjoy magnificent views and exceptional amenities. Not only that, the neighborhood provides a wide range of real estate options, so homebuyers have plenty of choices that will suit their budget and taste.

Moving out from the door of the neighborhood’s expansive homes, conveniences, recreation, and entertainment are only a short walk away. Residents will always have things to do and enjoy, from the beaches and seaside locations to surfing, lounging, and exploring shopping centers and restaurants.

Moreover, the neighborhood of Crystal Cove always provides community events that connect residents and accommodate the growing population by restoring and building new developments without forgetting to preserve the neighborhood’s fascinating history through its cottages.

Truly, Crystal Cove is a gem in Southern California with all the beautiful real estate, scenery, and convenient amenities.

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What makes this neighborhood unique and attractive to home buyers?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The neighborhood of Crystal Cove setting boasts affluent modern properties that are set among hills and trees overlooking the ocean. Homes in the area are also praised for the meticulous design of properties, architecture, and amenities that add to the luxurious lifestyle.

New custom-built estates in the neighborhood offer stunning features, unobstructed ocean views, and access to the community’s luxe amenities. Most seaside cottages are already available for guests looking for a beachside getaway.

Crystal Cove was historically occupied by the Gabrielino (Tongva) and Juaneño (Acjachemen), native people whose local histories stretch back at least 9,000 years. Laura Davick is the founder of Crystal Cove Conservancy, which preserves the cottages in the Historic District and restores them for educational and overnight usage.

Crystal Cove Shopping Center offers well-known national retailers, designer boutiques, and restaurants with sparkling Pacific Ocean backdrops. For a grocery store, you can head to Trader’s Joe for your everyday staple.

Popular restaurants in the neighborhood are Javier’s, The Butchery, Starbucks, and ZPizza. Within 20 minutes from Crystal Cove, you can go to Fashion Island, Orange County’s premier shopping center with world-class shopping and restaurants.

There are a lot of upcoming events in Crystal Cove that give opportunities for residents to engage in the community. For a list of events and upcoming projects in Crystal Cove, you can visit their website at

“A Crystal Cove” is the newest dining beachside hideaway in the neighborhood that offers seasonally inspired dishes of land and sea. The real estate of Crystal Cove has also added newly built custom mansions that sit on a hill and overlook the vast view of the ocean.