Discover the Best Hidden Gems: 25 Things to Do in Laguna Beach

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The coastal community of Laguna Beach in Orange County is well-known for its beautiful bays, coastlines, and network of trails for hiking, biking, and wildlife watching. It is often regarded as an ideal location in Southern California for unwinding and resting during a vacation.

This upscale, eclectic place hosts a yearly summer arts festival in addition to its many museums, artwork tours, and sculptures. The thriving and ever-present cultural scene founded in Laguna Beach over a few decades ago is one of the city’s most notable qualities.

Unique boutiques, excellent restaurants, and fun activities that don’t involve the beach may all be found in Laguna Beach. Simply put, there is much more to Laguna Beach than just the beach.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide that lays out some of the best things to do in Laguna Beach to help you enjoy the most of your time in the city! Read on and enjoy exploring this beautiful coastal city in Southern California!

Things to Do in Laguna Beach for Families

Things to Do in Laguna Beach for Families

Dana Wharf Whale Watching

Dana Wharf is an ideal starting point for fishing and whale-watching trips. Common marine life sightings include Gray and Blue Whales, dolphins, sea lions, and other birds. Their crew is committed to ensuring you and your loved ones have a safe and memorable cruise, making a trip to Dana Wharf one of the fun things to do in Laguna Beach, California.

Sawdust Arts and Crafts Festivals

The Sawdust Arts and Craft Festivals give creative locals of Laguna Beach a place to display and promote their works under the canopy of eucalyptus trees in the picturesque backdrop of Laguna Canyon.

Each year, the festival welcomes over 200,000 people worldwide to experience the fantastic array of unique artwork, musical acts on three stages, captivating artist exhibitions, fun art workshops for people of all ages, and delectable food and beverages.

Here are the ticket costs to enter the festival:

  • $10 for Adults
  • $7 for Seniors
  • $5 for Children aged 6 to 12
  • $30 for Season Pass
  • $40 for Annual Pass

Admission is waived for locals of Laguna Beach every Thursday and Monday after 5 PM.

Laguna Tortoise

Laguna Tortoise is an outdoor sculpture made by Michele Taylor in 2003. Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare” served as the artist’s inspiration for this work. Cast and blown glass are incorporated throughout the ceramic and metal artwork.

Michele wished that people would take inspiration from the turtle, and “It is my hope that the tortoise will inspire viewers to maintain focus, humility, and perseverance regardless of the situation.”

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a rescue facility for sea lions, seals, and other marine mammals. The center also features a charming butterfly garden that can be reserved in advance and an educational program that encourages responsible management of ocean resources through research, awareness, and collaborative efforts.

Admission is free, and donations are gratefully accepted. The Pacific Sea Mammal Center welcomes guests daily from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Alta Laguna Park

Alta Laguna Park is located on a hilltop and is accessible to those with disabilities. It features several sports facilities, beautiful walking trails, picnic tables, and a playground for children. Restrooms are also readily available. Other amenities at Alta Laguna Park include a baseball field, tennis courts, a basketball court, and numerous benches.

Things to Do in Laguna Beach for Art Lovers

Laguna Art Museum

Laguna Art Museum is a waterfront contemporary art museum with a growing collection of more than 3,500 pieces and a location beside the water. It is the only museum in the state dedicated to collecting California art. Its collections span from all periods and styles, beginning in the nineteenth century and continuing today.

Kush Fine Art Laguna Beach Gallery

Paintings, sculptures, and other art displays are showcased at Kush Fine Art Gallery, dedicated only to the works of renowned Russian artist Vladimir Kush.

This two-story gallery has been a Laguna Beach classic for over 14 years. It features everything from unique oil paintings and acrylics to pen and ink drawings, collector’s edition giclee prints, sculptures, and even the artist’s own collection of jewelry.

Sue Greenwood Fine Art

Sue Greenwood Fine Art (SGFA) is widely regarded as one of the region’s finest modern and contemporary art exhibits. The gallery is dedicated to displaying the works of realistic and figurative painters who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

Thomas Studios

The artwork and furnishings at Thomas Studios, a gallery on the California coast, are the epitome of contemporary flair. This haven of beauty and tranquility is a pleasant diversion in a world where superficiality reigns supreme.

Things to Do in Laguna Beach When It Rains (Indoor Recreation)

ARTime Barro

Ceramics and pottery are the focus at ARTime Barro, a studio that welcomes individuals of all creative backgrounds and levels of experience. It’s the perfect spot for locals of all ages to unwind and connect with their inner artists while providing a platform for local artists to market their creations.

The Fragrance Boutique

The Fragrance Boutique is a hidden gem in Laguna Beach that sells high-quality perfume oils without using cheap fillers, alcohol, or petroleum-based carriers. They have a wide assortment of over 500 unique perfume oils that either men or women may wear.

Aquaterra Spa

Aquaterra is a fine spa in Laguna Beach with eight luxurious treatment rooms, a couples suite with a view of the ocean, a manicure table, and two pedicure stations. Additional lounge rooms include a eucalyptus steam room, an outdoor Jacuzzi, showers, and full locker room facilities.

Carib Therapies Spa

Carib Therapies Spa provides a synergistic combination of healing techniques for its guests. Therapeutic services such as Acupressure/Meridian Massage, Pain-Free Deep Tissue, Orthopedic Muscle Balance, Myofascial Release, Slide Cupping, and Trigger Point Treatments are just some of the options available at Carib Therapies Spa.

Chakra Shack

Chakra Shack is a place to go and get in touch with your inner self. Explore their extensive selection of metaphysical merchandise, including gemstones, jewelry, fragrances, candles, home furnishings, journals, and more.

Among their inspiring collections include the following:

  • Unique Gifts and Decor
  • Crystals and Tumbled Stones
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Books and Greeting Cards
  • Music and Meditation CDs
  • Incense and Essential Oils
  • Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Angel and Tarot Cards
  • Ornamental Statues

Laguna Playhouse

The Laguna Playhouse has been performing plays, musicals, comedies, children’s entertainment, and more since its opening in the 1920s. This Playhouse provides performances at affordable prices, yet the actors are of the highest caliber.

Sycamore Spa by Hudson at The Ranch

With 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, the Sycamore Spa perfectly portrays Laguna Beach’s culture’s laid-back, bohemian spirit. The dynamic areas of Sycamore Spa blur the barriers between indoors and outdoors, inviting natural daylight and coastal winds to harness the restorative power of the natural environment.

Visit and enjoy their individualized facials, massages, body treatments, and infrared saunas for both men and women.

Other Fun Things to Do in Laguna Beach

Other Fun Things to Do in Laguna Beach

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

The Laguna Coast Wilderness Area is an excellent site for exploring wildlife and learning about different ecosystems, with over 7,000 acres of forest and more than 40 miles of hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking trails.

Pageant Of The Masters

If you’re planning a trip to Laguna Beach, consider scheduling it around the yearly Pageant Of The Masters art festival, one of the world’s most extraordinary theatrical performances, in which actors reenact masterpieces of art history.

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is perfect for a day of exploration thanks to its tidal pools, 3 miles of shoreline, fantastic surf, hillsides, canyons, and ridges. Trails have been built for hiking and biking, suitable for individuals who wish to get out of the city and enjoy the presence of nature.

Main Beach

The laid-back beach life and proximity to upscale shopping and restaurants have made Main Beach a favorite tourist attraction and one of the best things to do in Laguna Beach, CA for over 90 years. It is ideally situated in the heart of Laguna Beach, within walking distance of the city’s many attractions.

Visitors may swim in the glistening waters of the beach, enjoy bodyboarding, or play some basketball or volleyball on Main Beach.

Laurel Canyon Trail

Laurel Canyon Loop is a 3.3-mile that starts at the Willow Staging Area in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Along the route, you will witness magnificent panoramas of the coastline and the local sceneries.

The Laguna Canyon Winery

The Laguna Canyon Vineyard is an excellent place to visit for wine tasting or if you would like to discover the ins and outs of winemaking and grape processing.

Crescent Bay Point Park

Crescent Bay Point Park is near the westernmost point of Laguna Beach and provides visitors with breathtaking coastline views. Having a stroll at Crescent Bay Point Park is ideal for those who would like to enjoy the pleasant surroundings in Laguna Beach.

The city of Laguna Beach is widely acknowledged as a center for art galleries and creative professionals. Along the North Coast Highway, the Arts District may be found between Jasmine Street and Bluebird Canyon Street.

Every month on the first Thursday, the Art Walk in the arts district features free food and drinks, musical performances, and art exhibits. You can still stroll through the area even if you can’t make it during the scheduled tour dates.

Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is a popular tourist destination primarily because of its white beaches, sparkling waters, and iconic Victorian Tower.

Wrap Up

With this guide, we hope you discover helpful information about the comprehensive selection of enjoyable things to do in Laguna Beach. If you have other inquiries regarding Laguna Beach or are interested in any community in the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the stunning beaches, attractive locals, and boho lifestyle, Laguna Beach is also known and earned praise for its extensive trail system, which provides various hiking opportunities, bicycling, and running through a vast expanse of protected territory.

Whether you’re more into hiking through the woods, taking to the waves, or just interested in trying unique things to do in Laguna Beach, the city indeed has something for you!

Laguna Beach is a highly developed haven with a small-town atmosphere. Locals and visitors love the city’s convenient location between Los Angeles and San Diego. Apart from that, Laguna Beach also has many vibrant beaches, extensive breathtaking scenery, quaint residential neighborhoods, and a lively spirit.

One of the best-kept treasures of Laguna Beach is Ruby Street Park, an idyllic park where you can enjoy a peaceful morning, a romantic evening or just let your mind wander and inspire some creativity. Ruby Street Park’s ocean vista and benches make it a great place to watch the sun go down too!

Although the stunning beaches of Laguna may look like the perfect spot to cast a rod, fishing and harvesting lobsters and shellfish is prohibited. The Marine Protected Areas also forbids using motorized boats on Laguna Beach’s shores.